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What Makes a Bashista Built Home?

We consistently strive to adhere to the following principals at all times, in every aspect of our work.

When you tour a Bashista custom home, the difference in quality is clear. For everything you see, there are many things you don’t see that exceed in quality.


Bashista is an award winning builder committed to total quality management and continuous improvement. Awards are won by achieving excellence, which evolves from doing the right things, very well, over and over.


Part of a successful building equation is fitting it to the owner. Bashista Corporation is adept at shaping the project to the particular needs and desires of the owner. This kind of “personalization” is what makes each home unique.


Quality is a given in a Bashista built home. We won’t do it any other way. From foundation to finish, every phase of every home is scrutinized by the highest standards.


You’ve heard it said, “The devil is in the details”. So is the challenge that makes a project rewarding. Bashista has beat the devil as evidenced by winning the Custom Builder Magazine Annual Award for “Best Interior Architectural Detail”.


We love to build, large or small, locally or regionally. Bashista Corporation will guarantee the same high quality regardless of where or what the project.

Bashista also affords complete home remodeling, home renovation and home improvement. We will always provide the tools necessary to make a smart decision so that you enjoy your home for a lifetime, and beyond!