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Building Science

By January 4, 2019August 22nd, 2023Updates + Best Practices


Building Science


When looking for a high-end custom homebuilder in the Wood River Valley, all recommendations point to Bashista Corporation. Bashista addresses the growing complexity of homes through thoughtful integration of each aspect of the building process, from client to material choice to application. “We achieve high-quality homes through our collaborative approach, with the architect, client, electricians, HVAC installers, insulators, roofers, and siding crews all working together to see the project as a whole system from the beginning of the process,” share Josh Glick and Shane Lago, owners of Bashista.

As home systems have evolved, so has the network of skilled craftsmen. Bashistas’s nearly 45 years of experience brings with it a trusted circle of like-minded specialists. “That’s the science. Those of us building homes need to completely understand how they work and it’s impossible for any one builder to know the intricacies of each system. This is why we bring in the team early,” says Glick. Over the years of growing complexity, they have learned that working together with experts enables them to predict performance, avert issues, and achieve client goals, even when it’s never been done before. “When you understand the potential of a product, planned experimentation can be really exciting,” says Lago. “We’ve repeatedly exceeded expectations (sometimes even our own) by knowing what a product is built to do.” ……read more

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