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When the Impossible Becomes Possible – Unique Homes

By June 1, 2016December 10th, 2020Updates + Best Practices

Our philosophy is simple…anything is possible.

Unique homes include a lot of thought.

Bashista Custom Homes

Sun Valley | builderWith wide-ranging experience, innovation and meticulous planning we have a long history of building unique homes in varied styles. Put it this way, at Bashista Corp, we avoid getting stuck in a rut.

A recent project involved building an oval shaped ceiling above a dining room. (Yes, we said oval.) The space was somewhat small, so the design was meant to make it seem bigger— which worked. The trick was actually building it.

In order to get the precise dimensions, we created a mock up true to size and then jumped into a lot of trial and error. Once it was dialed in, we built the actual ceiling on the ground, then raised it into place.

Interesting spaces require a lot of creative engineering and construction. We like the challenge in figuring out how to suspend a ceiling structurally— to use specific materials in a way you can cantilever, or to create coves of light in non-traditional places. We’ve put islands in master bathrooms, concealed shades in 100-year-old beams and created infinity windows spanning 50+ feet, all wile hiding the structural elements to create seamless views. We’ve even built natural feeling living spaces that are completely underground yet have the feeling of natural views and daylight.

Our experience allows us to look at creative projects pragmatically. We can take a set of plans, go through the process of building it in our heads and determine whether it’s going to work or if something has to change.

In the words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Below is an example of a mock-up we made of a rustic style cupola  for a homeowner who had a very specific vision.

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Below: Mock of a cupola for a client with a very specific vision.

Below: The finished cupola custom fabricated by Thornton Heating.

Below: Resulting in a unique (and perfect) architectural element.